Food Photos: Cheesy Rice w/ Tomatoes, Subway, Nasty Popcorn

When I'm sitting in class, around eight at night and I haven't eaten dinner yet some of my favorite posts to do are my food photos. The first one was a vegan dinner I had when my parents were eating meat. It's leftover rice with "cheese" and tomatoes from our garden. It was fantastic. Next is a subway sort of sandwich I had when my parents were yet again deciding to eat meat. Next however is a bean burrito that I had with my family. Sprinkled on top are chia seeds for omega 3 fatty acids. 

Next to that is a picture of a burnt grilled "cheese" sandwich that I had along with soup full of vegetables, corn and shredded tofu.  Above that is a variation on my breakfast at work  that now not only has nuts and raisins but banana chips. Last is popcorn I was given from Ruel King. It had sugar and creamer in it. I was hungry enough I ate about half. 

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