Fitness Friday: Hemp Hearts (and Yes I know it isn't actually Friday)

It's been awhile since I've done a proper fitness friday post, due to the fact that I haven't been the most fitness conscious person lately and that I need to work on my time management. But more than thinking "why haven't you been posting these lately" you're probably thinking "but this isn't Friday Hanna" and you'd be right. I decided that I'd have to share about my latest discovery in healthy eating today though because on Friday I know that I'm going to fall way off the wagon eating appetizers and loads of candy so it'd be a little hypocritical to talk about eating healthy, that and I'm quite excited about Hemp Hearts!

So here's a little bit of background. I was given these hemp hearts to try by the wonderful people over  at Manitoba Harvest Company. They've been around since 1988 and are a B corporation which means along with making a profit they have social and environmental conscious. But what about Hemp? Although it is in the same family as marijuana it is nothing like it, it won't cause a false positive in a drug test and won't give any sort of high. Hemp has been used for centuries in food, clothing, rope, paper, bedding, plastic, paint and fuel. Of course, my main concern is eating it though.

I've talked about flax seeds and chia seeds lately and to be honest I thought that was the only way, other than eating fish which I won't do, to get omega 3 fatty acid. You have to sprinkle it on your food, which is hard to remember. That's why I was so happy to find out about hemp hearts, which can be eaten alone as a snack.

My first thought when I tried a few was that they were just "okay" but then I couldn't stop eating them, like a healthy version of potato chips. I'm absolutely in love with them. 2 oz only have like 300 calories and a ton of vitamins.  You can check out all the options they have available at  I started to love them even more when I cooked them in my favorite homemade bread. They not only give it a texture but the slightly nutty flavor is fantastic in it. I recommend mixing them into any recipe that just needs a little something extra. 

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