Face Photos: Trying out a New Curler, Posing for Instagram

I know that it can't be just me. You get yourself all nice and pretty looking for your big day out, mine was on Friday, and then take about a million pictures that way you have just the right angle so you can instagram a picture of you going out. Well if you don't do that, that's what I did. I spent about 40 minutes trying out my new InstaWave curler  and once I got that perfect I went and put on a fancy outfit, including that paris scarf (although I didn't end up wearing the scarf out until Sunday) and took a few pictures before putting on my makeup so that I could show you guys how I looked. Personally I think I looked pretty good and it took me less than ten to get one I liked although I look like I'm balding thanks to my blond hair coming in. 

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