Book Review: Permission to Doubt

Permission to Doubt
One Woman's Journey into a Thinking Faith
By Ann C. Sullivan

"Doubt and I have a long history together, and our struggle has been fierce" 

After spending years with an undiagnosed panic disorder, Ann Sullivan knows that doubt has many faces. In Permission to doubt she gathers personal and biblical wisdom to help you identify and use your doubt as a foundation for a stronger, deeper faith. 

Ann C. Sullivan has worked as a teacher for over fifteen years including her role as a Bible teacher, coordinator, and trainer for women's ministries at Elmbrook Church in Brookfield Wisconsin, a dynamic ministry drawing in over a thousand woman each week. She is a popular international speaker and enjoys challenging and encouraging others in their faith. 

So many times we're asked not to question anything. If you're having a problem with your faith, you're asked not to talk about that. Worse sometimes people get mad or you offend them for just having a question or two. Really this book has come to me at the right time. And I'm very happy for the down to earth voice of Ann C. Sullivan. If you like Framing Faith or The Adam Quest this is a book to check out for sure. 

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