Book Review: Forever Mom

Forever Mom
What to Expect When You're Adopting
By Mary Ostyn

What to do when yo've been called to adopt and practical advice to make it work. Mary Ostyn married her sweetheart at nineteen and the pair had four kids by tier eighth anniversary. When their youngest was three, God opened their eyes to the needs of orphans all over the world - and answered Mary's longing for another baby. Over the next nine years the couple adopted two boys from Korea and four girls from Ethiopia. Ostyn, a beloved adoption writer and blogger, shares alongside stories from other adoptive families the practical tools and resources she uses to thrive as an adoptive mom. In Forever Mom she reveals how to: 

  • Prepare your other children for new siblings
  • Help babies toddlers and older children settle in
  • address misbehavior while remaining connected
  • nurture your marriage in the midst of it all
Whether you're the parent of an adopted child or interested in pursuing adoption, Ostyn's warm adivce and fresh perspective will inspire, inform and affirm. You'll walk away confident you will be the perfect mom for whatever child God brings into your life.

Mary Ostyn encourages moms through her books, speaking engagements and her blog. She lives with her high school sweetheart in Nampa, Idaho where she homeschool the youngest six of their ten children. 

When I got this book, I thought it was going to be a guide to adopting. But instead it's a novel about this woman's "journey" and I can tell you I'm not at all a fan. She already had four kids, and as much as she tries to say it's about saving the children or whatever, it's really all about her, this book is all about her. To me she comes across as selfish and inconsiderate towards her children, and the adoption is a number count that she can compare with others to say how much better she is because she has ten children you guys. This isn't the book to read if you're looking to adopt. 

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