Underwear and Periods

Well, I'm on my period now. Although I don't want to not be on my period, if you know what I mean, but it sucks. The extra acne, and craps are horrible, and those endless trips to the bathroom are all something that I could live without. The worst part is the whole period underwear though. I know you know the kind I mean because every girl has a pair. You keep them in the very back of your drawer hidden under all your other pairs of panties, until you start your period, then you have to unhappily drag them out of their hiding place and wear them as to not ruin any of your good underwear. 

Luckily though I found out about the wonderful U by Kotex 3D Capture Core  pads, and thanks to them sponsoring this post you can try out a pack yourself free (they send four!) CLICK HERE TO ORDER. I've been using them for the past two months and they're the perfect pads. First off I absolutely love how they come. The signature black box and multicolored wrappers make a funny surprise about what color I'm going to get each time. And as you can see below they're super then, especially considering I'm using the most absorbent kind. That is of course not only good for carrying them around in your purse, but also because it means more discrete wear so you don't have to cater your outfit to your period. 

You can get your own sample set of U by Kotex 3D Capture Core click HERE



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