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Looking at this "Flashback Friday" photo from my Milwaukee Baseball Tee Outfit  I noticed two things (that you might have noticed too). First of all, in the past six months or so my outfit pictures have gotten so much better thanks to the fact that I don't just take them in the mirror. The second thing you might have noticed has to do with what I'm wearing. A baseball T-shirt. For awhile there these shirts were all the rage, and people were buying them like crazy and wearing them all the time. I can't say that I've seen someone with one on in the past four months though, which is a great reminder. 

Fashion changes. Sure some things like the little black dress are always in, but I can think of ten trends that were big from last year that I haven't seen at all this year. And, which you might know from my salvation army haul, I absolutely love buying second hand clothes, as much for the price savings as for the fact I'm being environmentally responsible. So when I found out about  I was super excited. 

Here's how it works, people donate their gently used designer goods the people at Fashion Project look over them and make sure they're in good shape. They they take pictures and put the up for sale at  discounted prices some more than 90% and there are even a few pieces new with tags. A percentage of the sales (you can see how much when you click on the item) goes to charity. If you're really into one specific charity you can even search the goods that will have proceeds donated to them. 

So go ahead, check out what Fashion Project has to offer. 

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