Review: Yalmeh Glory Eye Bright Gel

I talk a lot about anti aging products that I try out. I'm always interested in prevention. Well there is one thing about my skin that I have that I really would like to get rid of, dark circles. So when the wonderful people over at Yaimeh offered me their Glory Eye Bright Gel to sample of course I said yes, because the only time dark circles are cool is for a scary halloween costume.

This beauty product came to me through amazon and since I have prime that means fast and free shipping. Inside the normal brown box was this product. It is a small half an oz product. The main piece is a dark blue with white font explaining what it is and the Yalmeh logo is a shiny silver. Also in the shiny silver is the twist off lid.

Verdict: After trying out the Yalmeh Glory Eye Bright Gel. It's a clearish white color and very smooth. Rubbing it into my skin I was surprised that it actually felt nice. After using it for awhile not only did it make my skin feel nicer but my dark circles were significantly diminished. 

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