Review: X-Shade Car Sunshade

Unfortunately I don't live in an area where there is a lot of public transportation. Trust me if there were, I'd be the first person to use it, because I HATE driving. One annoying thing is when you get in your car, and it's hot. I mean hot enough you don't even want to touch the steering wheel. So when X-Shade offered me their car sunshade to try out I immediately said that I wanted to try it out. 

It comes from Amazon, and is fulfilled by Amazon prime so there aren't going to be any payment or shipping issues and if you have prime you'll be able to get 2 day free shipping. Inside the normal boring brown shipping box is was just in a clear plastic bag. I like thought that it has this little storage  bag in silver with the X-Shade logo on it. 

First opening this thing up I almost got hit in the face. When I unfolded it I was impressed, and using it I was happy with how well it worked. I wasn't happy though about putting it away though, and struggled with it for about five minutes. 

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