Review: Warmables Eye Mask

On this here blog I've tried out a few different eye masks for sleeping. Namely the bedtime bliss mask and the Navy Dreamer Sleep Mask. I liked both of them and think they're a great but when I heard about warmables I was instantly interested. Here's what they are

"Warmables eye mask are filled with cherry pits and can be used warm or cool.
treat migraines, dry eye, headaches and fevers.
Once heated the packs give off a moist heat yet the cloth stays dry to the touch.. It is a soothing, deep heat that helps with headaches and migraines, The packs can help you warm up cold hands and feet, release cramps and other discomfort.
Use them out of the freezer as boo-boo pads, cool down fevers or calm bug bites.Like all our products our eye masks are unsecented and washable. They can be used in combination with essential oils if you like creating your personalized aromatherapy."

Sounds cool to you too right? Well, that's what I thought so I agreed to review it. Unlike the ones on the product pictures I didn't get a plush fuzzy one but rather a regular cotton with a paisley deign that is kind of cute. To use heat for 45 seconds and then repeat if needed "DO NOT OVERHEAT, CHERRY PITS ARE FLAMMABLE" 

Verdict: I heated my for 30 seconds (because on my microwave it's easier) and as soon as I put it on my face I was delighted. It feels amazing, and makes it so much easier to go to sleep. Oh and when I woke up in the morning, the skin around my eyes looked healthier. Plus I love that this are made ins a sustainable way. 

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