Review: Verilux 100W Equivalent Lightbulbs

I hate yellow light. You know what I'm talking about and I'm sure you can see it in my pictures from my house. The lightbulbs that make everything look like it's completely yellowed out. That's what I have. Going into my closet in the morning everything looks a little yellow. Take a picture of my breakfast (for blogging of course) and it looks yellow. It's ugly. So when I was offered bright white lightbulbs from Verilux to review of course I said yes. 

They come in two packs in a cardboard box. On one side of the top is a young boy in a white shirt holding a plant. The leaves are green and the root system is still attached in the dirt. On the other side is the comparison information. Although this is a 23 watt bulb it compares to a 100 watt traditional bulb. Below that is a picture of what the bulb looks like as well an energy savings chart. 

Verdict: After having yellow lighting for so long I couldn't believe the difference switching to a bright white bulb. Everything is actually the color that it's supposed to be. And the power savings of $168 for the pack is great. 

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