Review: Tens Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager

Does anyone else remember all those massage chairs that used to be at stores from CVS to Walmart? I always wanted to sit in them but would have felt way too shameless to do it. Of course though I dreamed of having my own. So when the people over at Tens offered me their handheld electronic pulse massager to try out, of course I said yes. 

This massager came to me from amazon. Inside the normal cardboard box is the brand box. It has a model on the front using the massager in three different places as well as a picture of the massager and expiation of it's features. Opening it up there are four pads a massager that has many buttons for different parts of the body and intensities. 

Verdict: This massager doesn't really work for me. It was hard to get to work, and somehow it shocked me a few times while trying to figure it out. No matter what that is a terrible thing even if you aren't putting it together right. Eventually I got it to work and it was fine. Nothing great. 

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