Review: Surpahs Bathroom Scale

Although I haven't been quite on it with my fitness friday posts, due to both being very busy, and because I'm at a little bit of a road block, I'm still very interested in fitness. I mean I love the idea of being able to easily track where I am, so when the wonderful people over at Surpahs offered to send me a bathroom scale to try out, of course I said yes.

This bathroom scale comes direct from Amazon, so with amazon prime shipping is very fast and free.   Inside the standard amazon box was the box for the scale. It has a picture of the scale, and the max 330 that's allowed on it with .2 lb precision listed which I quite like. The back has exactly the same picture, and no other information is listed on the side. Opening up the scale I was surprised that although I would consider it white, it has a greenish tint to it, which wasn't in the picture. The display for the weight is in a circle.

Using it for the first time I have to add in my height which isn't hard to do, and decide if I want kilograms or pounds. Then step on it and see your weight. I found it very helpful that it gave me an estimation of my BMI and told me where I fall in the line of what I should be. Personally I think this is a great addition to my bathroom

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