Review: Panty of the Month Club

You might know from my Victoria's Secret Hauls that I'm a huge fan of cute underwear something I think  I share with most females. So when I was offered a chance to review a month's pant from the PEM of course I took it. They're a company that has lingerie of the month and underwear of the month for both men and women, which would be a great gift. 

Inside of my normal shipping box was this tin. It has a cute Valentines day theme with a repaired heart and a cupid (or maybe just a baby angel) on it. The tin is red and metal and you pull it off to open it. Inside is tissue paper and the underwear. 

They asked me what size and type of underwear I wanted which means you'll be able to get your favorite cut. The pair they sent me is absolutely adorable. Pink with red dots and red trim.  I really love this PEM club but I'm not sure the tins are my favorite thing, I have to say though for $16 I am very impressed. 

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