Review: The Original reCAP Mason Jars Pour Cap

Mason jars seem to be the in thing right now. They're being used (especially by southern ladies) for everything from decorations and displays to food. So when I was offered to review the Original reCap Mason Jars Pour Cap, I immediately went for. I mean what sounds, or looks, better than a full mason jar of hot coffee in the morning. 

Alright so this came to me through amazon in the normal brown box kind of packaging.  Inside was the recap. It's a textured hard paper, that reminds me of scrapbooking paper. It's a brown on the inside  and on the outside has the company logo on it as well as a made in USA thing. I like that you open the cap to easily remove the packaging, and that it's grey in color which is very unisex. 

Verdict: Since mason jars of all kinds are so in right now I love the idea of the Original reCap Mason Jars Pour Cap. It's perfect for making your mason jar into a usable drink, or snack holder. 

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