Review: Old Factory Candle Gift Set

Maybe I'm finally getting to the old lady stage. I see myself interested in looking at the weather, reading the newspaper, and preferring home cooked meals to fast food. Biggest of all I've seen myself start to have a big interest in candles. Whenever I go to a store that has them, I'm forced to smell every candle, I mean I just can't stop myself. So when the people at Old Factory offered to send me a sampler of their candles of course I said yes. 

Coming from Amazon (which is a huge plus in my opinion) I had a ton of shipping options. Inside the regular brown shipping box was another brown box, but this one wasn't so regular. It has the company logo, Old Factory, in an older font type on it. Opening it up there were three candles each partitioned off from one another. 

The candles have an older looking wrapper and that same font that the box had with the Old Factory name on it. They have lids that pull off in black with a clean container.  Since I was given the Winter Wonderland variety I got the hot coca, roasted chestnut, and first snow scents. They are all pretty good, but roasted chestnut is totally my favorite. I think they'd make perfect gifts for those people that you "sort of know" 

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