Review: Miracalis Anti-Aging Facial Serum

I'll say it again and again. The best way to not have something happen is early prevention. As far as I'm concerned that also goes for wrinkles and aging. So although I'm not yet at the proper age for these kind of products, I do use them because I don't want to have to later on in life. So when the people over at Miracalis offered me a sample of their anti-aging facial serum to try out, of course I said yes. 

First up the packaging. This is something that came to me through Amazon, so if you want it for yourself there shouldn't be any worries about how to pay or how it's going to be shipped to you. Inside the normal brown shipping box was a vibrant blue box, that looks a little green in some lighting. On the front it has the miraclais name and information like this is to improve skin elasticity reverse sun damage, erase wrinkles and increase skin renewal rate. The side has ingredients. The back has directions. 

To use apply 2-4 pumps to the face and neck twice a day, or as needed. Smooth the product gently into the skin in circular motions. Allow serum to absorb fully before following with moisturizer and makeup. Remember to pull off, so that you see the dispenser not twist off for the open bottle. 

Verdict: I love that the Miracalis is a pure white. It goes on to my skin easily and instantly makes it feel smoother. There is no nasty scent, and after using continually I noticed that my skin looked brighter, and I felt more awake. I do wish though it didn't have so many ingredients that aren't common. 

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