Review: Mimi Fontaine Anti-Aging Eye Cream

I know I know, I'm a little young for anti-aging products but I just can't help myself. They tend to be good quality serums, lotions and creams that feel nice on my skin. That and the fact that when I'm older I really really don't want to have wrinkles or age spots. So when I was offered the mimi fontaine anti-aging eye cream to review I immediately said yes. 

It comes in a metal coated plastic on the lid, and on the bottom. The middle is a white plastic and you can see the wrapper that has the Mimi Fontaine name and ingredients. It has a push down lid. To use just use 2-4 pumps and use circle motions to rub into skin. 

Verdict: I like that the Mimi Fontaine eye cream is a pure white. It goes into my skin well and doesn't leave any residue behind. The smell is pleasant and it doesn't irritate my skin. So I have to say that this is a big winner. 

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