Review: Mermaid Minerals Magic Eyeliner

With most makeup I can honestly say I look better without it. That isn't saying that I'm gorgeous or that the makeup is bad, just that I'm not talented enough to make it look good. One thing I am pretty good at doing right though is black eyeliner, so when the people over at mermaid minerals offered to send me their magic eyeliner of course I said yes.

It came to me in a fancy logo bag that I of course didn't manage to take a picture of. Inside was two things, a clear gel in a hard plastic container with the mermaid minerals logo on it, and a round plastic  jar with a twist off lid. Other than it's mermaid minerals logo, it's pure black. 

Here's what it is. This Mermaid Minerals Magic Eyeliner is actually a product that's going to turn any eyeshadow you own into a waterproof eyeliner. You know what that means, all those beautiful pallets you buy from Sephora are now twice as useful and you don't have to have a ton of product clogging up your house.

Verdict: I love the idea of the Mermaid Minerals Magic Eyeliner. It's perfect for not having to spend too much on makeup, and I love that it's water proof. I did have a little bit of a learning curve. Now though it's perfect for trying out a whole bunch of fun looks. 

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