Review: Key West Organic Unrefined Shea Butter

Awhile back I was able to try out Cleopatra's Choice Pure African Shea Butter  and I really liked it, so when the people over at Key West Health and Beauty offered to send me a sample of their Organic Unrefined African Shea butter, which is sourced from a woman's co-op in Ghana to ensure fair wages and ethical treatment of course I said yes. When it arrived though I was surprised at the quality. 

First of all the packaging is great. I love that it comes in 14 oz (almost a whole pound of product) and that it's a hard durable container. It's white with a paper sticker label that fits seamlessly on to the tub. It has the a picture of shea butter on it as well the Key West company logo and a USDA organic seal which of course I love. The lid is also a huge plus because it's a good quality and easy twist off. 

Alright so just like the last shea butter I tried, this stuff smell good enough to eat, and after doing a little research I saw that people do eat it as a substitute for coco butter although I haven't tried that. Instead I rubbed it into my skin, and it went in pretty easily. However it does leave some residue. 

Verdict: I love the Key West Organic Shea Butter. It comes in a very durable, easy to use, and nice looking package which is perfect for giving as a gift or just keeping out with your other beauty products. It really moisturizes my skin but because it's a little thick I only use it at night. 

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