Review: K2R-803 Portable Charger

I leave for my internship very early in the morning. Then I have school until late at night. Other than the whole dark when I leave dark when I come back thing being kind of terrible I also have to worry about my phone. While playing games, texting and looking up things the battery dies pretty fast, and unfortunately there aren't as many outlets around campus as I'd like there to be. So when I was contacted about reviewing the K2R-803 portable charger.

It comes in a nice looking black cardboard box with a clear plastic over parts of it so you can see the charger itself and all the included attachments. The side as information about what it can do. Opening it up there are two different types of plugs for you to use and the charge itself. One works with an android and one is for the newer iPhones. Unfortunately it doesn't work with mine.

Verdict: Although I do wish it had more attachments (maybe even a laptop one) I think this portable charger is great. It holds power well and makes it so you don't have to worry if you're going to have enough battery power to get through the day. 

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