Review: Jiva Organics Coriander Seeds

Alright, you guys know that lately I've been working quite a bit on becoming domestic Hanna. Of course I'm still going through school (and working now!), but I've made it a little bit of a goal of mine to be more self sufficient in the ways of being a woman. More simple DIYs and cooking as well as cleaning and gardening. The biggest thing is the cooking for sure though and you've probably seen things like my simple stir fry or vegan cheddar soup.  So when the people over at Jiva offered to send me a container of their Organic Coriander seeds of course I was interested.

The Jiva Organics product came to me from Amazon (fast and free delivery of course) in a standard brown box. On the inside was the packaged product. It's a white on top and then after the little circle cut out in the middle it's a peach color on the bottom.  To open you tear off the top and use the reusable pinch top.

Verdict: I used my coriander seeds for a crispy potato recipe that I found online and let me tell you it's great. I love the added flavor it creates and they aren't a hassle to deal with. Of course the whole organic thing is a huge plus as well. 

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