Review: iPhone Sports Armband

In my most recent fitness friday post , I mostly talked about eating healthier, but I also mentioned that I've been a little lazy about working out. It seems like most of the time I just can't motivate myself to get going.  I want to be in shape, but I'm also quite lazy. So when I was offered this sports arm band to review, I thought maybe it would motivate me. 

Previously I've reviewed the iArrow, MuvUSA, and Red Star version, so I was curious what'd be different. First off this comes from amazon in the normal cardboard box, and then it has a clear thin plastic bag around it. That's it, This is a no frills packaging, which if you're into recycling a whole bunch isn't a bad thing.

Verdict: This armband has a very soft and durable armband that is easy to adjust to your arm width, and due to it's stretchy consistency should be comfortable for most users. I liked that while it was in the armband it was protected from water by a thin plastic cover and that I could still use the phone with the armband on. 

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