Review: Hoodsbee Plush & Hoodie

When it comes to Christmas presents, I like to win. What I mean by winning is getting the best present for each of the people on my list. Of course when you're getting a kid's present that's the best because you can tell so easily by their reaction how well they like it. So when the people over at Hoodsbee offered to send me one of their hoodies I immediately said yes having the perfect person in mind for it. 

Here's what it is. They have different characters, the one I got was a pink owl, and when they arrive they're all rolled up into the cute little character. Unsnapping them, you see that they aren't only that character but a full jacket in a very soft material that your child can wear. They're well made with a big zipper that's easy for little kid hands to use, and the hood becomes the animal's face. 

Verdict: When I gave this as a present, I knew it was going to go over well, I just didn't realize how well. She wears it all the time now, and that's just fine. The quality is good so it's going to last, and for a young child it's just adorable. The extra details like button eyes really make it. 

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