Review: Glow Stick Bracelets

 Glow sticks are something that I've loved since childhood. I feel like that's a pretty common thing though. Making bracelets or necklaces out of them and eventually breaking them and then having to run to a sink and get all the stuff off of me. I remembered all of these things when I was offered the USA Glow stick bracelets to review. 

They came to me in an american flag print round container with U.S.A. printed across it. Inside with a closed lid was 100 pink, yellow and white tinted thin sticks as well as a ton of bracelet clasps that I was impressed they included. 
Breaking one in a few spots, I was also impressed with how vibrant of a blue it became. Personally I can see these being used for a party any time of the year (Hello Halloween) not just the 4th of July so I wish they had different wrapping that reflected their multi season uses. Otherwise I couldn't be happier with them. 

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