Review: Dr Song 50% Lactic Acid Face Peel

In the past I've tried out two different Dr. Song products, Rosehip oil, and vitamin c & e serum and I'll say that I liked both products pretty well. So when I was asked about sampling their 50% lactic acid peel I figured that I could trust them to make a good product. I was a little worried though because I'd previously tried the refresh skin therapy lactic acid and it was only 10% so fifty seemed like a huge jump. 

Coming from amazon, is never a bad thing. Inside that normal shipping box I was surprised to see a branded box, since most of the time that doesn't happen. It's large and white with the Dr. Song Medical logo on it in a black font. The bottom and top however are blue. The bottle itself is glass in a tempered white and has a shiny silver label on it. I'm not all that happy that it doesn't have any directions on it but luckily I have past experience with lactic acid and sort of knew what to do. 

Apply in a smooth amount over skin and leave on for one to three minutes. Then wash off with cool water. It is a clear gel and has a slight chemical scent, but nothing obnoxious. I didn't notice much of any stinging until the end of the three minutes when I took it off. Overall I think my skin felt smoother but it wasn't a big difference. 

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