Review: Bioque Gentle Purifying Skin Cleanser

I've talked again and again about the fact that I get acne, from not washing my face enough. It's hard to find a product that isn't a pain to use, isn't harsh on my skin and doesn't dry it out. It doesn't seem worth using if it does any of those things. Since I'm forever on a quest to find products that work for me, when Bioque offered to send me their gentle purify skin cleanser to review, of course I said yes, especially since I liked their C-Plus moisturizing cream.  

This Bioque product comes in a white simple box. It has black lettering and not a whole lot of information other than the fact that this gentle purify cleanser is vitamin infused. The bottle itself is a soft but durable plastic that looks exactly like the box from the white color to the black font and the words on it. The cap is a flip open squeeze out kind which is a huge plus to me. 

Using the product, I simply added it with water onto my cherry blossom sponge and made it foam up. It was pretty easy to get a good amount of suds. The cleanser is a pure whitish clear consistency and is light. 

Verdict: After using the Bioque Gentle Purifying Skin Cleaner for a full week, I can say I'm quite happy with it. It doesn't irritate my skin or leave it feeling dry, and I like that it's colorless so I don't have to worry about it depositing on my skin. 

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