Review: Bioque C-Plus Moisturizing Cream

All I can think about when someone says C plus is that awful C++ class that I had to take last semester. I ended up with an A but it almost killed me. So when I was offered the Bioque C-Plus Moisturizing cream to review I was a little hesitant but liking lotion as much as I do, of course I ended up saying yes.

It came in a box that's pretty simple. Just white with a black font and a very normal logo for the Bioque name. Inside was a hard plastic orange container that has the same logo the box did and black font.  There is a twist off lid and it's silver. I liked that there is a safety seal. 

The lotion is a yellowish white color, which I wish was either a pure white or clear. It has a fantastic citrus smell, almost too good actually and is a moderately thin. It doesn't absorb into my skin immediately and took a few minutes.

Verdict: I'm a huge fan of facial moisturizer but I think the Bioque C-Plus Moisturizing Cream might be better as a hand lotion instead. It has a great smell (that could be overwhelming) and does make my skin soft but I'm afraid it could irritate sensitive skin. 

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