Review: Ashieda© Konjac Sponge

Lately I've having a tiny bit of an issue with breakouts. I'm not sure if it's from stress or what but I figured I needed to get more serious with my face cleaning process. I've done a little work trying out new cleansers and soaps but the whole washcloth thing wasn't working out, so when the people over at Ashieda offered me their Konjac sponge to review of course I said yes.

It comes in a semi opaque package where you can barely see the sponge inside. Information is printed in pink on the front which is a little hard to read. On the inside is the white sponge. To use it soak in warm water for a few minutes to make it soft then add your favorite cleanser and use like you would any other product like this.

"Facial Sponge by Ashieda Made from natural Konjac vegetable fiber with collagen, this sponge has an extra fine texture and is the ideal cleanser for every type of skin, even the most sensitive.
Exfoliates, Nourishes and Repairs Skin The Natural Clear Skin Cleansing Sponge will exfoliate dead cells while leaving behind a soft film that will nourish and protect your skin with additional collagen. It will tighten and plump your skin and fight wrinkles by softening the keratin structure and repairing the elastin fiber needed to keep skin from sagging.Cleanse pores, eliminate blackheads, dirt and oil without need of another cleanser Naturally moisturize your skin Gently exfoliate your skin, bringing out a natural shine Balance the PH of your skin Help repair and renew your skin 100% Natural The Natural Clear Skin Cleansing Sponge is manufactured using only natural processes, with no preservatives, no coloring and no additives.It is completely bio-degradable, naturally sustainable and environmentally safe. Softly massage your face to a clear, healthy glow with the only sponge that will nourish and protect even the most hyper-sensitive skin."

Verdict: After using it for the first time I couldn't believe how nice it felt on my skin. If you're the kind of person that cringes while removing makeup with a traditional washcloth than this is a beauty tool you need. I love the little bit of exfoliation it did for my skin. Also it was great at getting out the dirt from my pores. 

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