Review: 180 Cosmetics Breast Firming Solution

I know this might be a little bit of an odd product for me to review, considering I'm not exactly the age or size that it's meant for but I had to do it. I mean I'm so intrigued by something that can actual help out your breasts that when 180 Cosmetics offered to send me their Breast Firming Solution I didn't even have to think about it before saying yes. 

First off although this product was shipped by Amazon it did come in its own thin cardboard box. On the front is the 180 Cosmetics logo and some simple information like that the product is 3.4 oz. The other sides offer more information and on the back is the list of ingredients. The container itself is a soft plastic in white with a tube shape and looks exactly like the box. The lid is on the bottom (which I like) in a dark grey and has a squeeze out design. 

The 180 Cosmetics Breast Firming Solution comes out in a semi transparent white. Going on the skin though it becomes a pure white and foams a little bit. It is a little sticky and eventually goes into the skin. I do like the smell though, especially since I was expecting it to smell very chemical like.

Verdict: The 180 Cosmetics Breast Firming Solution wasn't at all what I expected. I was thinking it'd burn or irritate my skin on contact, but it actually felt smooth and smelled nice. Afterwards my skin felt soft and smooth. 

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