Outfit: Transparent Rain Coat and Wrinkles


Awhile back I did a guide on how to wear a transparent jacket, and I was so into the look that I decided to buy one myself. Well, somewhere along the way it was lost in the mail for months, and the company was kind enough to refund my credits, so it was a huge surprise when I actually received this rain coat in the mail along with the shirt I wore for the Red Hair, Red Shoes Pink Coat Outfit

Being the very intelligent person I am, I decided to wait until it was raining to take pictures in my rain coat, since that's when you wear it right? It also happened to be windy, so my attempt at a chic and edge outfit turned into a wrinkled, and tired look. But I couldn't pass up posting the pictures because, I think it's funny to post these kind of things about myself. I don't mind being a big loser.


  •  Clear Rain Coat - First of all, I love rain coats, people always like to use umbrellas, but with any wind or if you're trying to carry things. I hadn't ever found one I liked until seeing this transparent one, it has black accents, I picked it above the yellow and orange since it'll go with more things.
  •  Black Pants - I really thought that I loved these pants that I got thrifting at the salvation army because these seemed to make my legs look long and thin, plus they're so comfy. Looking at these pictures they also seem to make my hips look large but that could also be because of the tank
  •  Pink Tank - As much as I love the color of this tank top I really shouldn't have worn it. It's not only a bit odd shape to have tucked in, making a lot of wrinkles. Also it seems to be accentuating my stomach fats. 
  • Spiked Shoes - These shoes are my favorite pair that I own. I can't wear them much, and I have to say that most males don't seem to be a fan of them so I don't think they're proper date shoes. 




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