Outfit: Cutout Bow Back Dress + Studded Heels


Let me start by saying that I love the photo above. It embodies everything I want this look to be, fun, simple and of course have beauty in a classic way. An outfit that you can wear anywhere from a club  or a party to a dinner date, and not be worried that your mom is going to see you out in it.  However other than in the above picture (and maybe the one below) the dress doesn't quite make the cut. The studded shoes however, kind of like my spiked pair, are perfect. 

Dress - I really liked the houndstooth heels that I was given by Outer Inner, but this dress isn't my favorite. It's a design, a beautiful bow back and a cut out front. However because of that back, and how low the front is cut, I can't wear a bra with it, and the front isn't even padded which causes a few problems. The cute cut out is huge, larger than I've ever seen on a dress, so it's kind of awkward. The skirt though is pretty and I can't complain about it, and with a little sewing work this dress can become pretty close to perfect.

Shoes - I've been wanting these shoes since seeing them on Oasap back in May but I couldn't bring myself to get them. I thought there was no way they looked as good in person. Eventually I decided to get them and I'm so glad I did. They run true to size, are easy to put on and are actually comfortable. Plus they look gorgeous with so many looks. 



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