Life Photos: VoxBox Winner, Peta, Tesla

Alright so I'm really excited to share that I won a Vox Box prize pack after doing a great review for them. To tell the truth though I can't quite remember the product that I reviewed well enough for them to give me this stuff. I do know that I did a review over the Olay Lotion Covergirl lip gloss and Bombshell eyeliner. I ended up getting pretty busy though and never quite made it to reviewing the deodorant or travel shaver. 

Next is a picture of my phone background that Peta2 was giving points if you had. I did do a lot of the activities on the site and have some points but I've kind of lost track of it. If only I had more time. Last are two pictures of the beautiful Tesla which is my dream car. An all electric sports car. Without the combustion engine there is a front trunk AND one in the back that can be used as extra seating. Inside it has a huge display screen. 

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