Life Photos: U-Turn, Amazon, Weird Food, Nice Chair

First up is a picture of a stop light that I saw. If you look closely it's a u-turn light which is something I hadn't ever seen before, so of course I had to take a picture of it. Below that is my gift card balance, which was used towards my books this semester. In case you're curious they were very expensive. Then one day on a walk, I saw this truck just sitting at a stop sign creeping me out so I figured I might as well take a picture. They were probably just lost.

Then there's a picture of a chair I saw while shopping at the salvation army. I was impressed with how nice it looked. And the fact that it was only $15. Above that is corn that we were cutting and freezing . Last is a weird photo of an egg that had a hole in it but some how the inside was completely intact. 

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