Life Photos: Not a Halloween Spider

So one random friday when I was leaving my house I noticed that there was a spider web near my garage door. On closer inspection, I realized that it was not only a spider web, but that there was also a very large and scary looking spider attached to it. Then as I was getting in my had I noticed that the town worker had parked in from of my driveway. Lucky for me he's quite keen on things because I didn't even have to say anything and he moved the truck. Of course being the creepy kid I am, I have to add a photo of one of my classmates. I like to annoy him by sending him my photography. 

Well, I almost deleted this photo since it isn't exactly of anything but it's pretty so I kept it. Above that is a picture of the board in one of my classes so that I'd know what the homework was. Last is a photo of the road when they had a turn lane completely blocked making traffic terrible.

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