Life Photos: My First Interview & Job/Internship

I've sort of mentioned this, but you might not have picked up on it... I now have an internship. Since it is paid (remember my post about not working for free?) I guess I can kind of consider it a job. Well the first picture is of the shirt I wore, but I had already changed from dress pants at that time. below that is a picture of my dress pants and my key thing. Then there's a picture of one of the questions from this training video that I had to watch. The whole thing was terrible about three or four hours worth of videos and then impossible quizzes where you have to get 100% before you can move on.  

Next is a truck that I'm not exactly sure what it's doing at where I work. Then there's the large Cummin's plane that I saw during an airfield inspection. Last is a gorgeous smaller plane that I wouldn't mind living in. 

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