Life Photos: Hair Modeling Extras & a Random

Since I already talked about my modeling gig with Brocato  I decided I could add a few very random extras from my shoot to share with you guys. In the big photo is all of their hair products that I was given after my shoot. I've been meaning to review them, but until I get the time let me just tell you I'm in love with everything.  Then there's the model schedule, that I was quite impressed by due to it's detail although I wish there would have been more photo time in it. Next is a picture of a girl that looks a lot like my friend so of course I had to send it to her. 

There is also Mcalister's menu that I was given to look at so I could pick my food the first day, when we were getting our hair done. Then above that is all the bobby pins that were in my hair after one of my looks. Last is a blurry photo that was taken in my house. 

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