Life Photos: Fairly Odd Parents & School

The first photo is of one that I took after arriving at school and noticing my door. The whole way there I felt like something was hitting against my car on the passenger side, but it wasn't very loud and I'm a little paranoid when driving so I just tried to ignore it. Upon arriving I went to get my backpack and noticed some of it was outside that car. Which had obviously made the sound. Then there are two random photos of school. Its so much easier to take a picture then explain where you are through a text message. 

Next is a picture of a kid I go to school with. I've been friends with him for over a year. Whenever I had those terrible math classes. Also he's rather short. But happens to be dating an even shorter girl. Then a there's a picture of my professor and the 4.0 GPA kid that I meant to just take of the board. Some equation we're supposed to know.  Last is a picture of my television since I was watching the fairly odd parents. My absolute favorite show as a young one. 

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