Food Photos: Vegetable Soup, Pizza, Soda Stream

My parents and I went to a restaurant one saturday, when we had planned on eating at a restaurant I really wanted to go to downtown but thanks to a game it was way too busy. I had a sandwich meal, but also this awesome vegetable soup. To be honest I think I would have preferred the main part of my meal to be this soup. A few days later I had a broccoli cheese soup that I think wasn't as good as MY vegan version. Then a dinner of Mac & Cheese been salad corn mashed potatoes green beans and tomatoes, that was perfect. Kind of like an early Thanksgiving dinner. 

Next was a german kind of dinner of mashed potatoes sour kraut and rye bread. For some reason I wasn't really feeling the whole cabbage thing so I didn't eat it. My cat however loved it. Above is a picture of a drink from the soda stream.  Last is pizza and bread sticks that I had while "babysitting" two kids. 

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