Food Photos: Tacos, Chili, Noodles, then Candy

First up is some fantastic fake meat tacos that I had. They were tofu with seasoning of chicken on one and beef on the other. I think I could eat them every day. Especially because they had nachos on the side. Vegan cheese isn't my favorite but I'd say the kind they used was better than the kind I had for my cheesy broccoli soup. Next is my favorite food to get from wendy's although depending on where you go you can't always get the chili without meat. Next up is noodles with more fake cheese that I had as a snack. Whenever there's left over pasta in the fridge that's how I eat it. 

Next on the list are three different candies. First is an asian one called Hello Panda that my dad gets for me because they're so cute. Then sour patch kids which are a vending machine treat of mine and last an almond joy that came out of the vending machine. 

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