Food Photos: Ice Cream, Thai, at home dinners

I haven't done food photos in awhile now. So I figured it was about time to clear them all out of my phone, which means that these photos are pretty old. First up in the big picture is a chocolate ice cream that I had from Culver's. It was pretty good, and that waffle cone was amazing. Below that is a dinner of eggs (from my grandparents chickens) toast and tomatoes from our garden. Next is another meal featuring our tomatoes as well as a biscuit and fake cheese sandwhic. 

Then comes a beans and rice with broccoli dish and more tomatoes. Above that is my second attempt at eating Thai food. The first time I had it was at My Thai Place when I couldn't get over it smelling like cat food. This time it was a little better, but the salad wasn't my favorite thing. 

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