Food Photos: I don't go to school here

So this is kind of a funny story. My friend and I had just gone to the vending machine before class when we noticed this event going on. Looking around we saw that this event had food. So we put what we'd just bought from the vending machine down with our stuff in the classroom and then acted like guests. All "so where are we on the map" and it was totally worth it. I love these kind of sub sandwiches and there were brownies and chips too. Below that are two pictures from a church cookout. The dinner stuff was okay. A mix of good and bad stuff but the deserts were great.  

Then there is noodles and some vegan sauce my mother made to go with it. On the side are tomatoes from our garden. Then above that is "cheesy" rice, broccoli and french bread. I'm sure it's high calorie but it tastes good so I guess it's worth it. Last is a photo of one of my vending machine snacks. Since this photo I've been trying to switch to bringing my own water, and avoiding all the snacks. 

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