Food Photos: All but Dinner at School Taco Salad!

In an attempt to stop using the vending machine, I decided to go to the school cafeteria. I got a taco salad and they weren't going to put lettuce on it because they were out which is a big part of the whole salad thing so I made them change it to spinach and they almost charged me extra for it until I yelled at them. The whole thing was only okay and not worth the $5 it cost. And it was a little too much food so I couldn't eat the whole thing. Next was my average Wendy's lunch that I doubt I'll be getting any more of because my ride left! I love their fries and meatless version of their chili.  Then of course a vending machine weakness... 

While on a trip to a design studio for my internship we were taking a tour of the place. I got offered coffee (which of course I didn't want) and then this awesome brownie thing. Above that is a sour patch kid that I was given by a kid in my class. Last is a dinner of tofu over fries with peas and tomatoes and spinach on the side. 

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