Everyday Life: Cricket Attacking, Sleeping, Bathing

Well, I was looking at my phone and noticed I had a ton of old pictures of my used cat cricket . First up is a photo that I used for instagram and then two more of her on the same bed that ended up being rejects. Next and also two on the bottom row are photos of her at the landing of the stairs trying to attack whoever goes down. She absolutely wanted to attack me. Then there's a bath picture. I almost didn't post these, because it is a little bit of shaming but she's so cute I couldn't help myself. 

Then there she is sleeping on the day bed in our office, looking in a basket in the living room, a selfie a pre bath photo and her looking in a box. Then her on an office chair and one on a suitcase I had out for a modeling job I was going to. There is one significant photo in the last row, a trip to the vet that I'll talk about in the future. 

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