Don't Work for Free

Recently I talked about taking every opportunity that's available to you , but what I should have explained more throughly is that these opportunities have to benefit you. And for the most part, I'm not talking about that whole thing people say about "getting experience" as your reward, because in almost every instance that's a load of crap. When you're offered these sort of "opportunities" (I don't know how else to refer to them) where you aren't getting compensated in any way, that's whoever offered it saying you aren't worth anything, and if you accept it, you're just affirming that believe. Let me give you a few examples.

  • Unpaid Internships
As an engineering major unpaid internships just don't happen, but since I'm also trying to get a degree in psychology I know a whole lot about them. In most degree programs, at my school anyway, you're required to do a senior project, which can be fulfilled by doing an internship. You're given a list of approved places that you can intern and although you can go somewhere else it's a lot of work to get them approved. These internships (the psychology ones always)  don't allow you to work where you'd like to, or where you think you can learn the most. They put you in a room doing paperwork most of the day, 30 hours a week doing what people next to you, almost always without any college degree, are doing for pay. And these are for profit places. So you aren't learning a thing, and they're getting 30 hours a week of labor for nothing. There's always the chance they might hire you, but you probably won't be any higher up than anyone else who applies for the job. 

  • Blogging Campaigns
Please if you're a blogger never do an unpaid campaign. I've gotten three such "offers" lately from a Vegas Hotel (sorry can't remember the name), Smartling, and Webucator. They all start the same way sending me a very long email telling me about their great campaign, and how much they want me to join. I ask them about compensation and then they send another very long email telling me that "although they can't compensate they want to get the word out" about whatever stupid thing they're doing. Smartling some overpriced language learning site or whatever wanted me write a whole post about a night abroad, complete with an outfit for day and night and as well as guide on what'd I'd pack and do, and of course linking their company. That would take me roughly five hours to do, and give them some great advertisement (you can see my stats on the advertisement page of this blog). Then Webucator wanted me to write a post about how hard it is to graduate and get a good job (not true if you get a STEM degree) and how they're helping people out with their classes. 1. I found most of their also expensive "courses" also available online from my local library, and I'd never take classes for any amount of money if it was non accredited. I've decided on a response of

  • Modeling 
Model Mayhem is a site that is suggested on a lot of "How to get started Modeling" guides. Let me tell you it's not worth your time. 99% of the jobs are unpaid, and by amateur photographers and even though you can "get portfolio pictures" My first jobs, paid of course, were all book based on iPhone photos my mother took of me that took about 10 minutes start to finish not the hours you'll be spending with a more than likely shady "photography". The worst ones though are the "jobs" wanting girls to do nude, or semi nude photos for free. Really? If you're the type of person who's okay with taking these kind of photos (not judging at all!) then at least get paid for it because trust me you won't be hard for work, instead of feeding some guy's weird fetish. 

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