Book Review: A Robertson Family Christmas

A Robertson Family Christmas
By Miss Kay Robertson with Travis Thrasher

The Crazy Story of one troubled teen who finds the true meaning of Christmas where he least expects it. 

Hunter Clarke wanted one thing for Christmas: to spend it with his dad and his brother. He misses being included in any guy trips since his parents divorced and he went to live with his mom. So he's less than happy when his mother tells him that he won a contest to spend Christmas in West Monroe with a family named the Robertsons. For some reason this is supposed to be a big deal. How did he win a contest he didn't enter? Besides, he's never heard of them and he sure doesn't want to spend Christmas in a swamp with a bunch of strangers. 

Korie Robertson is excited to open her heart and her home to Hunter and show him what Christmas season looks like in the Robertson family. And like it or not Hunter experiences it firsthand. From duck hunting disasters with the bearded guys, to learning to cook with Miss Kay, Hunter quickly discovers what it's like to live with this boisterous yet loving family, Putting on his headphones and ignoring them is not an option. Before long, Hunter begins to let his guard down. But with Christmas and the end of his trip fast approaching, will it be too little, too late? Or will Hunter be open to the greatest gift of all.

I really wanted to like this book. Even though I don't watch Duck Dynasty, the family seems great and really projects Christian values without being too fundamentalist. So I wanted to like this book but I just can't. Who is this Miss Kay woman who thinks anyone would care enough to spend the Holidays with her family. News Flash you guys aren't that special. It's a bunch of OMG aren't we perfect, trying to be passed off as a novel. This could have been so much better. 

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