Book Review: Move On

Move on 
When Mercy Meets Your Mess
By Vicki Courtney

You can say good-bye to the person you've been pretending to be! Life is often messy. But God makes provisions to move us beyond our messes. Oftentimes our first instincts are to hide, deny, ignore or run. In Move On best-selling author Vicki Courtney helps us to come clean, revealing the deeper issues we must face, including 

  • the need for approval
  • struggles and broken dreams
  • shame
  • legalism
  • Christian snobbery
  • idols
It is in the middle of our messes, Vicki says that Mercy shows up and offers us a safe place to process our struggles, imperfections, doubts and fears. Once we face our messes, God, with his sweet mercy can help us get real, deal, and truly move on. Then with Mercy by our side, we are able to break free and experience the grace and freedom God intends. 

Vicki Courtney is a national speaker to women of all ages and the best-selling author of many books and Bible studies, including 5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter and Ever After. Vicki and her husband have three grown children a son in law a daughter in law and a grandson. 

 I have to say that I wasn't expecting this book to be what it is. I was interested on the pretense that this was about getting over a relationship. But it's more of a lifestyle book on everything christian. That doesn't mean I don't like it though. The advice is sound and the writing is easy to follow. If you like Unstoppable, and Ex-Muslim then this is the book for you. 

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