Book Review: Kidnapped by the Taliban

Kidnapped by the Taliban
A Story of Terror Hope and Rescue by SEAL Team Six
By Dilip JosephJames Lund

"Am I About to Die?"

On December 5, 2012, American medical doctor Dilip Joseph and two colleagues are diving back to Kabul Afghanistan after serving villagers that morning at a rural clinic. Suddenly a man waving an AK-47 blocks their pack. More armed men jump out of hiding. For Dilip it is the beginning of a nightmare - he's being kidnapped by the Taliban. 

Dilip and his friends endure a nine-hour march into the mountains, gruesome images of torture and death, and repeated threats of execution. Four days later Dilip is freed in a daring and deadly rescue that claims the life of as SEAL Team Six operator. Yet this is more than a story of desperation survival and loss. It is also a tale of surprising connection, compassion and inspiration. As Dilip begins to view the Taliban not as monsters but as men both he and his captors are challenged to reexamine everything that matters: courage sacrifice, hope and faith. 

 Before I started reading Kidnapped by the Taliban I had no idea that this event had happened. For me reading this book was a little bit of an eye opener into the Taliban's culture something that I didn't know anything about as well as looking into how it is to be their captive. Something I'm sure isn't much different than being an ISIS captive. It's well written and easy to follow, as well as being extremely informative. If you like Out of the Depths or Ex-Muslim this book is for you. 

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