Book Review: Happy Handmade Home

A Beautiful Mess
Happy Handmade Home

Painting, crafting and decorating a cheerful, more inspired space. From the creators of A Beautiful Mess Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. DIY decor for a Beautiful home. Step inside the homes of Elsie and Emma the sisters from A Beautiful Mess, and learn how to paint craft and decorate your way to a colorful space with distinct personality. With more than 100 ideas and brand-new projects - from stamping your own wallpaper to updating vintage cabinets - you'll never be stumped by an empty room again.

Just like the Beautiful Mess blog, the book is gorgeous to look at. The photos are perfect and the page layout is pleasing to look at. I have to say though that the book wasn't what I was expecting. It had a lot of home decorating tips that I wasn't expecting which is fine, but a lot of the projects were just remaking things. Like fixing up your cabinet and repainting a table. I wanted real projects and honestly only found a few that weren't just tacky things. I love A Beautiful Mess and it's creators but this book isn't for me. 

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