Summer School Done, Books Ordered and School Supplies Bought

Bathroom selfies are cool right? I figured I need a picture to go with all my posts, even if it doesn't exactly go with the picture... so here it is. Anyways, a you can probably tell by the this post's title I'm talking about my school, specifically that I finished a semester. 

I told you guys about how I had been "feeling busy" about the second week into my two psychology classes and right after I added in that nutrition certificate. Well, I had some extra free time during one of my weeks and I spent full days working on the nutrition class, and finished it, which I'm pretty proud of since I had until the end of August. Now that I've taken that one I saw a few more that I'd like to take but I might have to put those on hold until winter break. Last week I finished up my two psychology classes, and talked about in my very good day partial because I ended up with an A+ in each class.  To tell the truth I wasn't all that worried about those classes, just the Data Analysis one that I was taking online. After sort of bombing a test yesterday, I was closely watching my grade all day because it all rested on how I did on the project, luck for me I did just fine and ended up with an A and those three grades are exactly what I need for my GPA, especially with my fall classes. 

This fall, I'm taking 18 credit hours and they aren't anything like the ones I took this summer. I have an advanced calculus class, another computer programing class, two mechanical engineering classes and a high level physics course, none of which I'm looking forward to. I would love to take fewer classes, but since I'm wanting to graduate on time I kind of have to take all of these. Luckily though I have gotten all of my supplies after a Walmart shopping trip, and then a deliver from Roaring Spring Paper Products, and ordered my books which of course were way too expensive. 

As much as I like being busy, I'm really worried about what's coming up. I'm planning on helping some kids with their math work, along with doing my school work and my biggest fear is that I won't be able keep up with the things that I like to do, specifically this blog. 

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